Prominent, influential, notable leaders in healthcare delivered keynote presentations at the 26th Annual World Congress: all of which were focused on the critical need for both innovation and transformation in medicine. Business executive, entrepreneur, and inventor Naveen Jain targeted the most recent progressions in the landscape of modern healthcare, while Pamela Wible, MD discussed the growing trend of physician burnout and the infrequently discussed phenomenon of physician suicide and mental health. Biogerontologist and cell biologist Valter Longo, PhD reviewed the clinical benefits & applications of intermittent fasting; renowned clinician and expert in the applied science of longevity Peter Attia, MD not only discussed an approach to longevity rooted in reverse engineering, but also specific strategies designed to increase both lifespan and health span. These speakers represented the continual effort to redefine and reshape medicine, and inspired attendees to commit and contribute towards a new century of wellness and longevity.


Our Exhibit Hall hosted hundreds of companies, with vendors that featured all aspects and facets of Integrative Medicine: including compounding labs and diagnostic testing, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, high-grade supplements, and digital health devices. At our annual Mercedes drawing and giveaway, lucky attendee Elizabeth Tuttle won first prize! Vilma Vegas, Maried Millan, and Maya Izdebski won additional prizes through our membership contest: an iPad, an Apple Watch, and an Amazon Echo Dot.

Did you miss World Congress? Order a USB of the entire conference, with all lectures from General Session—featuring audio with speakers’ respective slides, and videos of presenters synchronized with their slide presentations—and afternoon breakout sessions & tracks: highlighting topics that range from intermittent fasting and strategic dietary approaches to the applications of medical digital technologies and Regenerative Medicine. Purchase now.


As clinical cannabis is rapidly becoming accepted as a treatment for an array of chronic diseases and disorders, there is a growing and pressing need for clinical education surrounding medical marijuana—and alternative treatments for pain control. The use and acceptance of medical cannabis continues to evolve, as demonstrated by the growing number of states that now permit its use and applications for specific medical indications.



Our podcast Redefining Medicine spotlights clinicians who have transitioned to the field of Integrative Medicine, revealing the varied backgrounds and histories of medical professionals with a more personal, intimate perspective.

View one of our most popular podcasts with biochemist and Director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, Valter Longo, PhD, as he discusses his nutritional breakthrough Fasting Mimicking Diet. As a recent keynote presenter at our World Congress, TIME magazine has additionally named Dr. Longo one of the 50 Most Influential People in Health Care.



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