JULY 2018 


Prescribing Exercise for Depression
An extensive body of research throughout the past decade indicates that exercise may be an effective treatment for depression, and might even help prevent us from becoming depressed in the first place. The studies pool outcomes from past research involving more than a million men and women and, taken together, strongly suggest that regular exercise alters our bodies and brains in ways that make us resistant to despair.



This episode on our podcast Redefining Medicine features Alan Bauman, MD: internationally-renowned hair transplant surgeon and owner of Bauman Medical Group. One of only approximately 100 physicians worldwide to achieve certification from the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Bauman is consistently recognized as an expert teacher, lecturer, international consultant, personal clinician, and mentor—in addition to a Top 5 Transformational CEO in Forbes.

Meet Dr. Bauman at the upcoming Men’s Health Symposium, “Health & Vitality at Every Stage of A Man’s Life,” taking place from October 26-27 in Boston. Featuring the most respected educators and clinicians in the field of male wellness, the two-day event is designed to address critical men’s health issues, educate healthcare professionals and practitioners on underlying conditions, and support the expansion of therapeutic options to optimize patient health.


Through a collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting organization, A4M/MMI has recently released an analysis on the potential growth opportunities in the anti-aging industry: Anti-Aging Therapies & Services Market—Trends & Growth Opportunities



Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM, faculty member, nationally-recognized expert in cardiovascular health, and speaker at the upcoming Advanced Cardiology Module, explains his transition into Integrative Medicine:

“It was not recommended in medical school that you learn about vitamins, supplements, minerals…it was considered to be witch-craft. After I got into it and realized that this type of medicine was very valid and effective, I realized I needed to get trained. I needed to make this information clinically applicable—and show that what I do is cost-effective and keeps people well.” 


We have recently announced our newest keynote presenter at the 26th Annual World Congress: renowned clinician and expert in the applied science of longevity Peter Attia, MD. Get to know Dr. Attia and our other keynote presenters, all of whom will focus on the most clinically current topics in modern integrative health: including entrepreneurial opportunities in Integrative Medicine, the application of technology in healthcare, the critical growing trend of physician burnout and its impact on mental health, and the most cutting-edge clinical breakthroughs in anti-aging.

Don’t forget to enter our newest social media contest, for a chance to win an all-access VIP pass to December’s World Congress, in addition to a free night at the Venetian/Palazzo hotel! Like our Facebook page at @a4mconferences, click “Going” for the 26th Annual World Congress Facebook event, and share the event to your Facebook feed.

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